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  • Name:Ramya
    Blog URL: http://www.luv4beautyblog.com/
    Interests:Nailart, Makeup,Fashion
    What are you looking for:Some good discussion with fellow bloggers.
    Favourite Quote: Work hard nothing can hold you behind.
  • Hi everyone!
    NAME: Sangeeta Goel
    BLOG URL: http://lifeisfun-sang.blogspot.com/
    INTERESTS: Cooking, Photography, Writing, Reading, Travelling, Music
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: Good reads. Some feedback on what I have written
    FAVOURITE QUOTES: Universe is listening - say it out aloud!
  • Here is my intro
    Name: Sneh
    Blog url: www.pixelsinlife.blogspot.in, travelhues.blogspot.in
    Favorite quote: Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything
    Interests: Travel.. food..writing..
  • Name: Apurva Jayant Oka
    Blog URL: www.apurvaoka.com
    Interests: Travel, Photography, Fitness, Driving, Cooking,
    What are you looking for: Myself
    Favourite Quote: - 'The eyes of truth are always watching you'
  • Name:sathyaPriya
    Blog URL:mykitchenodyssey.blogspot.com
    What are you looking for:Friends to think alike on food blogging.
  • Name: tanvi samel
    blog url : tanvisamel.blogspot.in
    interest : reading, travelling, writing
    fav qoute: 'Show must go on'
  • Name: Bhumika Desai Shah
    Blog URL: http://toofanexpress.wordpress.com
    Interests: Reading, Writing, Blogging, Music, Movies
    What are you looking for: Learning, connecting with think a likes
    Favourite Quote: - " Heart has its own reasons that Head can never understand!"
  • Name: Aditi Bose
    Blog URL: www.kiddiestory365.com
    Interests: parenting, writing, crafts for kids, travelling
    What are you looking for: at the cost of sounding a little pompous, I would say 'Fame'!! :)
    Favourite Quote: - "Nothing ever ends, they just change." (Tup thats mine. o famous person said it.)
  • Name:- Patrika
    Blog Url:- http://patrikaonlinenews.wordpress.com
    Interestes:- Latest News, Breaking News, India News, Political News, Business News, Bollywood News, Sports News, Cricket News, Current News, Astrology, Hindi News Paper, Movie Review, Fashion, Books.

  • Name: Arpit Roy
    Blog URL: http://techcloud.in
    Interests: Blogging, Football, Gadgets, Technology
    What are you looking for: Expanding my reader base and stumbling across other good blogs in the process.
    Favourite Quote: Knock the door, and the door shall be opened !

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