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What promotion techniques do you use for your blog?
  • @diashwini: Have you observed the reasons for slow responses from Facebook? You should try to strike a conversation, maybe regarding your most recent post, so that people who have read it can come and comment.

    @prasoon: Search engines can help you a lot! You can search and read more about SEO & keywords and how it should be used. It will surely help you, as it does to most bloggers.

    @namrata @jigardoshi20991 @sibichen @sami116: Good going!

    @gyanunlimited @woodooz: How frequently do you post on Pinterest? Is it as beneficial as other social networks, in terms of bringing traffic to the blog?
  • Not much really. Am not into the habit of repinning and so the repins I may get as a result of mutual admiration is limited.

    Moreover, I have noticed that while I do get a repin on my photo, it does not reflect in my blog in terms of traffic. So in that sense, most percentage of folks repin and move on. Very few really check the actual post behind the pin.

    I pin whenever I have a post on my blog. I have been doing 1 a week and have started increasing it to 2 now. So, that many number of pins in a week.

    That said, I feel, because of the visual appeal, the chances of a particulat pin going viral is likely to be high on Pinterest than on Twitter / Facebook (well am not a pro yet for everyone to retweet or share at this point)
  • @Afshan You are most welcome... Glad that you found use for my comment :)
  • I post it on my Facebook account, blog page, Indiblogger, BlogJunta and twitter.
    But I feel I don't get much page visits leaving facebook.. Even if i get some good numbers, the problem is very few comment on it...i get personal msgs that my content is very good, but no public comments. That somewhat makes me feel sad...
    I don't expect a great views, but a reasonable one would suffice..
    one more question.. I have been a blogger since 13 months and i have been able to garner 5000+ page views through 29 posts.. do you think it's average?
  • Hi @Aniruuud, I have the same question sometimes... Have I garnered enough page views so far... But eventually, I have gotten around that thought and now only look at if I am able to increase the page views with the increasing number of posts... As long as the graph is upward, I look at it as a positive sign :)

    An average of 166 views / posts seem like a good number when I compare it with my stats... Keep going :)
  • @Woodooz
    Thanks a lot yaar. That's a good and sound way at looking our blog :)
  • I usually use Facebook, my Facebook page, Twitter and Indiblogger.

  • They haven't helped. I am talking about facebook, and other social networking sites. The fact is- I think the blog should sell itself. I do post updates on FB but rarely people click on those links. Only things that have helped are platforms such as blogadda where I can enjoy the company of other serious bloggers like me. Here and on Indiblogger only have I found people who really do care to read and comment.


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