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Anyone who has monetized their blog?
  • Who here has monetized their blog and started an online business out of it? Can you share how have you done?

    If not, how are you planning to?
  • Hello, monetization of blogs is one of the primary source of income. Google adsense provides you with ad monetization. But before applying for it make sure
    - Blog is alteast 6 months old
    - Has about us, privacy policy and contact us page
    - Atleast 20 blogposts
    - good quality backlinks

    For reference you can check my blog topperslist.com
  • I join adnow ads program. if you see please join zonehindi.blogspot.com
  • You can use Amazon affiliate services or adsense which are the two most used monetization modes available. I am using amazon on my website https://indianyug.com
  • Blog monetization is very easy with adsense but follow some rules for adsense policy.
    For getting approval contact me

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