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  • jincy
    Hi Blog Adda Team, This is with regards to the WOW contest held over the weekend. Last week the topic was 'I wish someone told me' I submitted my post for the same on 30th September 2012. My post is here:http://jincythinks.blogspot.in/2012/09/i-wish-someone-told-me.html (Posted by Jincy Varghese on 30th Sept 2012 at 11:43PM) As I just checked the other entries for WOW, I saw a post by Priyanka Dey and I really felt that what she wrote was inspired and a rip off of mine. A few other friends too felt the same. Here is her post: http://priyankazneverland.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-wish-someone-told-me.html (Posted by Priyanka Dey on 5th Oct 2012) Not only did she submit the post way beyond the deadline (the deadline was the midnight of 30th Sept), but I really feel what she wrote was clearly a breach of writing and creativity ethics. I was really sad to see that a creative mind doing something like this. Imitation is the best form of flattery I know, but this isn't it! She hasn't
    October 2012
  • Mdramteke
    Dear Team, I want to add my below given blog. http://mdrpune.blogspot.in/ -MD
    August 2012
  • deepjh
    Wanted to add a hindi news blog very basic , pitsnews.com a mixed language news blog. please check it out.
    August 2012
  • JyotiMehta
    http://www.jyotimehta88888.blogspot.in/ go through it please .... yr suggestions may prove beneficial to me .
    May 2012
  • TeamBlogAdda
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    April 2012

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